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“We were both having lower back pains when we first sought treatment at Action Chiropractic. Richard’s problems were a result of spinal stenosis and advanced age. Mine was from scoliosis. We have had these problems for seven years or more. They limit our normal outdoor activities. We were seeking treatment from another doctor with rehabilitation therapy and with Tylenol. We knew about Dr. Ewell because we have been friends for years. We started care at the office after rehab therapy did not relieve the pain. Dr. Ewell is very pleasant and sociable. As a result of the care at the office, our pain is relieved and we are able to resume most normal outdoor activities. For better results with Dr. Ewell’s treatments, it is important to see him on a regular maintenance program. Also, do the exercises he gives you. When we follow his guidelines we do so much better. We have slacked off and need to get with the program again. Your overall health depends on your participation and treatment with Dr. Ewell. ”

– R. and S. A.

“When I came into the office I was having sharp, upper shoulder and neck pain. I woke up with an awful pain that kept me from being able to move my neck very much. I have had these problems for at least three years. These problems have kept me from doing normal activities to my best ability and I get a little more cranky when I’m in a lot of pain. Dr. Ewell is always friendly and asks how I’m feeling and I feel like he cares about my situation. I can immediately tell a difference when I come into the office for an adjustment. I really enjoy coming to Action Chiropractic and being greeted with a friendly face every time. They know me by name and I feel like they really care about their patients. Thank you for providing such a wonderful atmosphere! ”

– Barbara S.

“My choice to seek out Chiropractic help was when sleep became difficult. By this, I mean back pain. Sleeping is a time for rest and relaxation, not pain and torture. I had been experiencing some back stiffness and pain for a few years now but didn’t take it too seriously until now.

As for myself, I had become somewhat hesitant about looking for help until a friend mentioned it would help to visit a chiropractor. So that’s how I found myself here at Action Chiropractic Center. I met Dr. Ewell and went through the steps of getting started with regular adjustments and therapy.

After the first month of scheduled visits, I was already feeling a big difference. Sleep is once again peaceful as it should be. Without any hesitation, I would recommend Action Chiropractic Center to anyone suffering from back pain. ”

– Steve M.

“This letter is to thank Dr. Ewell for what he did for me. I hurt my back working in my yard. The pain I had was so bad I could not sit or lay down. I was up every night for several days because the pain was much worse when I lay in bed. I finally come to Dr. Ewell. I was using a walker to get around. After the first treatment, I walked out of his office without the walker. Though I still had quite a bit of pain. I continued to visit him but the pain got better until finally it was gone. Dr. Ewell recommended some exercises for me to do at home and they helped me a lot. I have referred some of my friends to him and would highly recommend him to anyone with back pain”

– Donald S.

“The staff is always friendly and their communication skills are great. When I need to change my schedule or move it around, they are always willing to work with us.

I feel that if you follow the exercises and stretching instructions Doc gives you, you can really benefit from the care he provides.”

– Jason B.

“I came into Action Chiropractic as a result of a car accident. I was hit at point of impact and he hit us three times. I couldn’t walk right and was in a lot of pain. It became unbearable after the accident. I was on painkillers and limited to what I could do. Dr. Ewell and I worked on a treatment program where it has brought me back to good health and I am totally free from pain.”

– Sharon A.

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