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Action Chiropractic Center provides care for individuals as well as families. We have been serving the residents of Salt Lake for over 15 years utilizing the latest and most effective methods of treatment for a variety of back, neck and accident injuries.

Our staff is dedicated to insuring that you receive the best possible care for your back, neck or accident injury. We use the latest treatment methods to arrive at the best possible result in the least amount of time necessary to get you back to health.

Our highly trained staff is ready and willing to help you find the answer to your chronic problem be it headaches, low back pain, muscle stiffness, relentless pain from a work or auto injury, we are here for you and can get you back on the road to recovery not only from pain relief, but creating a healthy lifestyle that will keep you healthy and pain free.

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Whether it be Migraine, Muscle Tesion or Stress Headaches, we can help. Utilizing our combination of treatment and diet recommendations we have helped hundreds of headache sufferers find relief.


Low Back Pain is the number on problem when it comes to pain sufferers. We utilize gentle treatments along with therapy to get back pain sufferers back on their feet again and pain free.


Neck pain is epidemic due to the number of us who now work at desks instead of manual labor. Strain from chronic sitting and looking at monitors all day has caused neck pain to challenge low back.


You may not realize at first that you have been injured from your accident but when those headaches, neck pain and low back pain set in, give us a call and we'll help you get back to health quickly.


We have found that combining our physiotherapy and manual services with therapeutic massage, we can help patients get well faster and they love it too. Even just for stress relief.


Chiropractic adjustments differ from manipulation. They are more precise and controled making them more effective when used in conjunction with physiotherapy techniques.